Thursday, November 10, 2016

Surigical Strike for Black Money By Modi

Nationality of our country was not in safe hand since the time of independence, though we have developed so much since the time we got independence, there were many changes that took place, which were appreciable and some which were hollowing our country. India is a developing country, there are lots changes which have taken place such as Digital India, Delhi Metro, MNREGA etc. Many leaders have played a very major role in the development of the country . But there were some ,leader who became prime minister for the sake of filling their pockets. There are some major problems which have been hollowing the country drastically. These problems are Terrorism, corruption, crime, Inflation  etc. But whatever happens common man is victimized first. In the recent years years India became the victim of terrorism which has caused great loss to the country as we lost our diligent and brave army officers in Pathankot and Uri attack. The Terrorism communities are ruining our country and our Indian government has no Idea about what step should be taken to eradicate this problem. If we want to have a safe and happy country first we have to change our mentality and eradicate the internal problems of the country. There are some ministers of our nation who ask for proof by the Indian Army and some don't even  consider Uri attack as a serious issue. Not only that minister are more focus on the banning Pakistani artists working in Indian film industry. No matter what everybody is coming up with its own justification on Terrorism.
There are are many countries who are  taking benefits of the internal problems which are happening in India, Countries like Chine, Pakistan and Korea has increased their export in India. As we use imported  products more than Indian products. Narendra Modi is playing a prominent role in the development of the country, he is mainly focusing on the overall economical development of the country. Narendra Modi has come up with various schemes and plans which has given complete benefit to the Indian Public such as Make In India , Digital India, skill India etc. He is the person who is focusing on every aspects. AS far as surgical strike is concern he is promoting Indian brands and products so as to increase the economy of the country. This man has also promoted many start up companies which are now have become most renowned firms in the country. Recently Narendra Modi has taken major step who getting black money back in the country. On day before yesterday Narendra Modi banned notes of Rs 500 and  Rs 1000 as there were lost of complaint about fake note or commercializing the currency. Reserve Bank of India is playing a major role in providing new notes in the market so that people would be free from the obsolete money currency. Reserve Bank Of India has introduced new currency notes for Rs 500 and Rs 2000 first time in the country. This major step has made people amazed,as for now it is getting bit difficult to other notes from the market. The Indian government has given 50 days time to the Indian people fro changing the money from their banks and people can use old notes in hospital, bus stands and government dispensaries. This step is going to give big benefit to the Indian Public as from  now they are free from getting crooked from the fake note and they can get the things done in a smooth manner. Through surgical strike for black money, more amount of money could be invested on the development process and people could observe the development in the country in short period of time.