Saturday, December 17, 2016

Impact of Demonetization on Elections

Demonetization Impact:

Demonetization has impacted everything in the country, the changes have taken drastically in the country, as economy is growing faster there are numerous industries which have been adversely effected. Industries such as jewellery industry, textile industry, Job market and many more have been effected. People are favoring this changes as it would help the country to get back the secret wealth from swiss bank. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focusing in making India a cashless country but there are various things which you cant buy through plastic money. Retailers Industries have increased their sales and revenue through it. Through this the taxes have reduced to 18%, This decision was taken for long-term process for the development of the country. It was estimated that economy may burned down due to changes in the currency, but people are excepting this decision for bringing back the black money from the market. Undoubtedly common man is facing hardship in getting new currency from the bank.

Impact on Elections

It is difficult to analyze the election report,as it is a game of twist and turns, it is said that ruling party wins the election, but as BJP has embarked itself for exchanging the currency, initially it was looking that BJP may thumbs down during the time of election, but people in rural and urban zone are favoring BJP. Demonetization has impact on the mindset of the people. Many people have changed their percept on the particular party. Not only that as per the Uttar Pradesh election 2017, things may change differently, as Akhilesh Yadav is not in favor of BJP for coming into the power in Uttar Pradesh, it depends on the majority of the people. The impact may effect on different constituency, such as in Punjab Assembly election in 2017, people are in favor of Narendra Modi, depending on the consequences one cannot depict the results as it may not be convincing.

Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Election 2017

The government of India has demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to get back the black money. The impact of demonetization is clearly visible on the elections of the five states. People are expecting positive results in the Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Election 2017, but it may get difficult to tackle the black money from the elections. As per the election commission, parties those who have organized the money wont face any problem but parties who have not organized it may find them in trouble. In Uttarakhand, tourism business has been affected as people are facing bit problem in cash, the committee has analyzed the effects of demonetization in Uttarakhand, but people living in Uttarakhand are witnessing changes in getting free flow of cash.

Impact on Punjab and Goa Election 2017

Money plays a great role in Punjab elections, the flow of money, depicts the impact of demonetization on the people. In Punjab Election 2017, People are in favor of the demonetization as it would control the flow of money, election committee makes sure that the flow of cash would be under control and the black money wont flow easily. As far Goa Election 2017 is concern the Goa is a tourist state, most of the people go Goa for vacation but due to the demonetization tourist industry is adversely effected in Goa, as far as elections are concern the citizens of Goa has positively accepted the plan of demonetization. Goa people has shown full support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi In working smoothly during the time of demonetization.

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